Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fun flip flops

you will need:
a pair of flip flops (flip flops go on sale at the end of the summer. We bought several for 50- 90% off for our charity outreach project))
coordinating material cut in approx 6 inch by 1 1/2 inch rectangles  (approx. 20 strips per shoe depending on size of shoe)

fold one strip of material horizontal and tie around the top of the flip flop like you are tying your shoe

tie again to make a knot
Continue alternating the pieces of material and ribbon until you have filled one shoe. Be sure and push each piece close and snug to the last piece.
you can be as creative as you like by adding beads, using pinking shears or adding a small ribbon in between.

This was a fun and easy project. I learned how to do this from my nana friend, Jerylyn, who sat on the floor with her daughters and they each made a matching pair. Another friend, Michelle, said this would be a great project for her daughter and friends to do at her daughters next birthday party! 
The ideas are endless! Have fun!

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