Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Greater Love

It was one of those fun nights watching, playing with, indulging in one of those "no, you can't have that now" desserts, bathing and tucking in those adorable grandchildren of ours. Babysitting  was never my favorite job as a young teenager. I made money and that was the extent of my motivation to spend time with little children. But babysitting my grandchildren!..nothing compares to their unconditional love ...or (wait...)maybe it is conditional based on one of those "no, you can't have that now "desserts :)
After granddad prayed for each grandchild and tucked them in to bed, our grandson asked if Go Go would come in. Of course! He never wanted me in there before, just granddad. Granddad did it right,...the routine:) I gingerly bounded (oxy-moron?) into the room and sat on the edge of my grandson's bed. My granddaughter standing up in her crib was watching, checking out what would happen next.

"Go Go? Why does granddad say in Jesus Name?"
Because he is praying for you.
"Who is Jesus?"
You know who Jesus is.
"Is He like Go Go or granddad?"

O, I smiled when he said that, but I knew Jesus was nothing like me or granddad.

No, He's better than a Go Go or a granddad! He loves you very much and gave his life for you.

My 4 year old grandson somehow had compared his grandparents love for him with the person of Jesus. Does that bless me...yes ,but  I know there is a battle with a selfish strong man inside of me of which Jesus overcame at the cross. How do you explain that to a little child. I guess it doesn't matter. Our daily lives allow Mr. Strongman to raise his ugly head more often than we would like and creates a teachable moment  to show how and why we surrender to the One who defeated that strongman.  Jesus reminds us by his Holy Spirit that He is love. I pray that this is who my grandson sees in his grandparents.... a transformed life through Jesus Christ.

 Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13
Thank you Jesus

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