Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its a Mystery!

Its been 2 years ago now that I decided to have a mystery dinner for the grandma club. I went with a fairy tale mystery, "Mystery in the Library" by Stephanie Chambers taken from the web site  This was my son's suggestion after successfully throwing his own mystery dinner.
The website gives you all the suggestions you need to make your dinner a complete success; from decorations, to costume ideas and menu items.
Each couple that was invited was given the name of a  fairy tale character and had to come to the party in costume. We had a sit down dinner of which each couple brought a delectable contribution. We had poison caramel to dip our apples in (Snow White), a main course of sausage and potatoes( Robin Hood), and a dessert cake that said "Eat Me" on it(Alice in Wonderland) just to name a few of the delicious menu items.
There was, of course, a character who committed a crime. As each  character took turns reading their part in the play and adding a little ad lib throughout the 4 course meal, clues were being revealed. At the end of the play anyone could guess who the criminal was! The correct answer took home a grand prize! Well maybe just a prize.


It was fun and delicious! The best part of the evening was answering the door to the surprise of seeing each of our friends who had transformed themselves into playful, magnificent fairy tale characters!
And by the way...the butler didn't do it!

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  1. OMG it sounds like such a blast - how many total did you have & how long did it take to 'solve' the mystery?