Monday, July 5, 2010

how it all got started

In June of 2007, I went to the wedding of one of my friend's daughters. Her daughter was one of my son's peers from our home schooling days and of course many more of that community would be attending this ceremony also. So as it always goes at these milestones you hear the latest of whose child is engaged, who's getting married and who's having a baby! At the end of the reception and standing out in front of the church waiting for our husbands, five of my girlfriends and I all started jabbering at the same time about our precious grandchild, grandchildren or the one in the oven. We were all first time grandmas and boy was it obvious! You could hardly tell, hear or exclaim for all the excitement and stories!
For anyone that has known me for long I am a schemer. I am forever putting some kind of fun together in my mind with a purpose. I want to do things with you and you and you, but we have to do it with purpose! After getting home that night I started thinking about a grandmas club.... A place where grandmas could share pictures, stories and resources without interruptions! Everyone would have their turn. Yep that's it! A place to show off our grandbabies!
And so on July 23, 2007 we had our first "Gorgeous Grandma" day with a purpose!

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  1. I remember that night so well, Peggy! I am still amazed at your vision and passion to carry it out! That first e-mail with the name for the club and rules (meant to be bent)continues to make me smile. Thanks for connecting all of us and coming up with such fun and valuable projects! I love being one of the Gorgeous Grandmas thanks to you! :)