Monday, July 12, 2010

what's with the name....?

Gorgeous Grandma Day....its actually a real day to celebrate. There's also a national chocolate day,a cheesecake day, a send your sibling a greeting day and just about anything else you want to celebrate "day". When I looked at my calendar in July of 2007 and saw July 23 was Gorgeous Grandma Day I thought... perfect and hey we're all pretty darn gorgeous. That will be the official day. So the 23rd of every month we try to come together. There are so many grandmas out there with busy schedules that meeting on the 23rd guarantees at least one day you will get to come. The 23rd lands on a different day each month,so if you have a commitment on a thurs you just might make it to the next month on a wed. O joy!
We got rules too...but well that's for later.
Let's talk about names..grandma names to be exact...go go, nana, oma, marmee, mi mi,be be and good old grandma.I know there are many more and all so endearing....each one picked with love. Some were handed down from generations while others were dubbed from the mouths of infants in their attempt to call out to their beloved grand-one!How did I choose Go Go? Well I'll tell ya next time.....

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  1. My mom is Ganma, as was her mother before her and so on. She's from Louisiana.