Thursday, July 15, 2010

its a long way to malawi

My first time to Malawi Africa was with my husband and 20 members from our church. I was apprehensive about going and yet full of an adventurous anticipation. Malawi did not dissappoint me. The smells, the sunsets, and the people of Africa are life giving. They are people who receive graciously and give what they have abundantly.

Our group was going to partner with a ministry called Somebody Cares (somebodycares malawi africa)

I've been to Malawi, Africa 3 times. Each time has been moving, memorable and mostly impacting. Meeting the people of Malawi, hearing and learning about their trying lives has made me more unsettled about my life and what kind of impact I am making in the world. The statistics of the rampant HIV epidemic in Africa as a whole and specifically Malawi is mind blowing. There are a million orphans in Malawi alone, some taken in by the widows, (young women and grandmothers), while others are left on their own(vulnerable children). Unfortunately being the 12th poorest nation in the world it is difficult to feed, clothe and educate all of these little ones. I admired the Gogos or grandmothers who took in sometimes 5 or 6 other children to take care of. These Gogos barely have enough for themselves but the Malawian people care very much about their tribal communities and have a desire for these orphans to grow in their own culture and environment. I admire these courageous women and I love their name! Gogo! and after going 3 times I have made some lasting Gogo friends. So hence, I adopted the name Gogo:)

Read more about Gogos and orphans and what you can do to help at and

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  1. Thanks to you,Peggy, I know about these amazing self-sacrificing gogos in Africa! I remember our first project of rolling beads out of magazine pages to send to the grandmas in Africa so they can make jewelry and sell it to meet their needs. We have done so many other service projects since then that have been so creative, useful, and fun!