Monday, August 30, 2010

got rules?

well yes we do...This grandma club has rules you must abide by! do the grandmas actually abide by them? well... what can I say except.. they try:)

The rules are...

1. You must have grandchildren or at least one in the oven (not your oven of course!)to be a member of the club.

2. You must promise to allow your fellow granny's to each have enough time to share pics, googles, drooling and puffed out chests with out interruptions.

3. You must be willing to listen to all first's e.g. first smile, first words, first steps, first tooth, etc!

4. You must be good at but not a professional at oohs and awes, pats on the back, and way to gos!

(this is mostly in reference to but not restricted to those times you went a whole week without seeing your grandchildren or you gave the grandchildren back, etc.)

5. You must wait at least one to two days before sending a picture through email that might outdo the person who just sent out their picture to avoid a competitive spirit. (there will be a penalty for this)

6. You must never, never say anything that would insinuate that your grandbaby is "better than". Only use phrases such as "He is so cute" rather than "He is the cutest!"(There will be no penalty for this)

7. And last but not least, be there to support, encourage, pray for and minister to your fellow granny's.


  1. Ha ha, I love this. It must be hard not to say Patrick and Keira are the cutest because actually, they are.

  2. This post totally cracked me up! You gals are all the greatest, even if I'm partial to the Oma in the group! :)

  3. Love your rules. I'm glad there is no penalty for a slip up on #6.