Monday, August 23, 2010

let's make paper beads:)

you will need scissors or straight edge, a magazine, non washable glue, toothpicks or knitting needle and a jar lid

Next cut a long triangle shape out of the pages of your magazine. The size of your bead will be determined by the wider end of your triangle. Approximately 1/2 inch wide or larger on one end and the length of the magazine page. You will find that different prints create different looking beads. Even black and white words on the page are attractive.

Pour a small amount of glue into the jar lid and mix a little bit of water with it to make a modge podge.

Bend the wide end and then pinch between your thumb and pointer finger and start wrapping the paper kind of tightly around and around forming the bead. You can choose to wrap it around a toothpick or knitting needle but I found it simpler to use my fingers.

Toward the end I drag the paper through the glue to help keep it from unraveling.

Put the whole bead in the glue and roll it around to saturate it with glue, then lay it on a piece of wax paper to dry.

String beads on a fishing line or elastic. Remember, these beads cannot get wet because they are paper. Some people put a lacquer over them at the end to make them more durable. Beautiful! Great project for a class room project or just a fun craft to do with your older granchildren or kids! try it! you'll like it!

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