Wednesday, August 4, 2010

behind every name is a story

o yes I loved the name Gogo. It was cute:) but more importantly I loved who it represented.

One evening when my son and his wife and their adorable, precious, cute as a bugs ear, darling, under a year old son were over for dinner, my son preceded to tell me that our adorable, cute as a bugs ear, precious grandson could say "go go". Now let me clarify that this was not in the same context as my new adopted grandmother name. I had not told my son and daughter-in-law that was the name I wanted to be called. Shawn(my son) said "Patrick, say go go". With a big smile on his face, loving to please his mommy and daddy, Patrick said "go go" Well of course I was excited not only because he shared his new vocabulary word but because ...well you know... he said it!

"Oh! that's what I want to be called" I cried out in delight! My son then continued to tell the story of why Patrick said "go go" in the first place.

It all happened while daddy was doing something in the kitchen when he accidentally broke a glass. Patrick, being a curious little boy, came quickly to the scene. "No , Patrick! Stay away! Go! Go!" Shawn yelled out. Saying it several more times and picking up Patrick to get him away from the glass, Patrick figured out that was a pretty important word and was easy to mimic. He decided to add it to the other wonderful words he had accumulated that he obviously knew delighted his mommy and daddy when he said them.

Well there you have it! I started redirecting the action "go go" to the grandma "Gogo":)

Patrick is 4 now and someday I hope to share with him and my new granddaughter about the Gogos in Africa.

Did my son and daughter-in-law embrace the nontraditional name I chose? Hmmm... What do you think?

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